Saba no miso-ni (Mackerel simmered in miso)

You can find this mackerel dish in the latest Hayao Miyazaki's film "The Wind Rises". Main character Jiro Horikoshi always eats mackerel in the traditional Japanese diner.
This mackerel dish is called "Saba no miso-ni (鯖の味噌煮 or 鯖味噌)", a mackerel simmered in miso.

Saba no miso-ni is very common dish in Japan. Japanese grandmothers or mothers make this traditional home cooked meal. Also one of a standard menu in traditional Japanese diners (大衆食堂, Taishuu Syokudou) as you can see in The wind Rises.

First of all, get fresh mackerel in the fish market. Dutch mackerel is high quality and very nice to cook this Japanese traditional meal. Remove well the guts and the dark red parts.

The ratio of amounts for miso sauce is,

For 1 fresh mackerel:
- Dashi   Teaspoon 1/2
- Sake Tablespoon 4
- Miso Tablespoon 4
- Sugar Tablespoon 2
- 5 to 8 slice of fresh gingers

Simmer mackerel in a pot or frying pan with this miso sauce over low heat for 10 to 15 minutes. With putting a lid on a pot/frying pan. During simmering, add a bit of water sometimes when the sauce get dry.

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