Sushi of Hollandse Nieuwe (maatjesharing)

Japanese people love fresh fishes. The best fish in the Netherlands that close to Japanese Sashimi... is exactly haring (herring).
Actually there are tuna or other Sashimi for Sushi in the Netherlands too, but those are deep‐freeze fishes.
However Dutch people often eat haring raw everywhere in the Netherlands. Therefore we can easily get fresh haring in here.
Especially Hollandse Nieuwe (maatjesharing) is absolutely tasty and really good for Sushi topping.

I made Nigiri-sushi and Negitoro-Don.

Maatjesharing were rightly marinade in vinegar with ginger and a little bit honey.
Don't marinade too long time. Enough for 10 to 15 min,
Or without marinade is also nice if the haring is extremely fresh.

If you don't like fish-smell, Negitoro is good way to eat.
Negitoro is a Japanese style Tartar chop with spring onions.
Put this Tartar on the Sushi rice. Served with soy souse and wasabi.

In the Netherlands, first Hollandse Nieuwe is dedicated to Dutch queen.
I'm not sure she knows how tasty Maatjesharing-Sushi is.


Hello Kitty Sushi

Al jaren maak ik sushi voor familie en vrienden op feesten.
Dit jaar heb ik Hello Kitty Sushi gemaakt.
I often make Sushi for parties.
I made Hello Kitty Sushi on this year.

Other dishes what I made are...

Salmon sushi

Maki sushi, Nigiri sushi(Shrimp, eel)

Okonomiyaki(Japanese Pancake)

Korokke(Japanese potato croquettes)


And the destiny of Hello Kitty was...


Kyaraben (character bento) workshop

Kyaraben, a shortened form of character bento, is a very popular bento style in Japan which features food decorated to look like Anime or Kawaii characters. At the workshop you learn how to make authentic Kyaraben and the result you can take home. More info http://tokyodoll.web.fc2.com/workshop/bentoworkshop.html