Chan chan yaki (baked salmon and vegetables Northern Japanese style)

Chan chan yaki is a popular regional food of Hokkaido, Japan's northern island.
Mainly use salmon and cook with various kind of vegetables.
Bake on a hot plate or flying pan.
Seasoning with miso-based sauce when salmon and vegetables were ready.
The special sauce contains miso, mirin, soya sauce, and a little bit suger.
Put some butter on the top in the end.
This meal is also good for camping.
You can cook it if you want to try new kind of BBQ.


Rilakkuma Kyaraben (character bento)

I made Rilakkuma Kyaraben.
Rilakkuma is a popular Japanese Kawaii character like Hello Kitty.

Face: steamed rice with soy sauce flavor.

Wikipedia: Rilakkuma

Pork Tamago (pork luncheon meat with eggs)

In Okinawa, Spam (can of luncheon meat) is called "Pork". That was brought by the American presence after WW2. Okinawan people practically arrange this economy can-meat by their style.
Pork tamago (ポーク卵, pork egg) is the dish using pork luncheon meat and eggs. It is one of a popular set menu of cheap restaurants in Okinawa.

To make Pork Tamago is extremely easy. Bake sliced luncheon meats. Make fried eggs or omelets. Place them on a plate with sliced cabbage and some tomato ketchup. Serve with steamed rice and miso soup.

Kyaraben (character bento) workshop

Kyaraben, a shortened form of character bento, is a very popular bento style in Japan which features food decorated to look like Anime or Kawaii characters. At the workshop you learn how to make authentic Kyaraben and the result you can take home. More info http://tokyodoll.web.fc2.com/workshop/bentoworkshop.html