Hello Kitty Obentou Box

Hello Kitty Lunch Box. Bought in Japan.

With a chopstick case.

Create Obentou is part of my artwork.


Himono (Japanese stockfish)

Many Japanese love fishes very much. We have many way for cooking fishes.
Himono is one of a popular fish dish in Japan. Himono means "Stockfish" .

This photo is one of my cooking menu. The dish on the top left called "Aji no Himono", means "Stockfish of Jack mackerel(Horsmakrel)".
May be some Japanese shops or some Japanese restaurants in abroad provide "Aji no Himono", but will be expensive if we get Aji no Himono in there.
But if we made by ourselves, only costs 30 cents to 50 cents. Therefore I make "Aji no Himono" by myself.
It's easy to make. Just get fresh Jack mackerel in the fish market.
remove the insides from a fish, and wash by water gently.
Marinade this in light saltwater for 2 to 4 hours, hang it and dry in half to 1 day (depends seasons).
Grill the fish both sides well, and eat with soy souce and daikon-oroshi(grated Japanese radish).

Lekker! Yam Yam!

Kyaraben (character bento) workshop

Kyaraben, a shortened form of character bento, is a very popular bento style in Japan which features food decorated to look like Anime or Kawaii characters. At the workshop you learn how to make authentic Kyaraben and the result you can take home. More info http://tokyodoll.web.fc2.com/workshop/bentoworkshop.html