Japanese vegetarian dinner

Seaweed, kidney beans with ginger seasoned

Miso soup with Daikon, spinach with sesame


Japanese Tuna spaghetti

One of our way to use spaghetti with Japanese style.
This dish is well known in Japan, easy to cook and healthy.
Also good for vegetarians.

-Daikon (Japanese radish)
-tuna (tin can)
-Soya sauce

1. make Daikon-Oroshi (grated Japanese radish) with using a grater.
2. Boil spaghetti
3. serve spaghetti on the dish. put Daikon-Oroshi, tuna on the spaghetti.
Serve with Soya source and mayonnaise.



Hello Kitty Lunch (Obentou)

I often take my Lunch box to work.
Actually there is a company restaurant in my office, but ... Yak.
I got Hello Kitty lunch box in Utrecht, and I use this for Obentou (Japanese Lunch box).
Obetou is kind of a Japanese lunch box style to put anything we want.
Hello Kitty Lunch box. You can get in EXPO.

Chirashi-Zushi Bentou (Topping Sushi Lunch)

Egg rice, Japanese meat balls, and beans etc...



Tori Udon: (Japanse soep Bami met kip)

Ingrediënten: (tot 2 met 4 mensen)

1 pak droge Udon noodles(Japanse Bami)
1 stuk kipfilet 4 tot 8 lente-uitjes

-Soep (bouillon): 1600 CC heet water
3 pakjes Japanse Dashi(Japanse soepbouillon poeder)
100 CC Japanse Sojasaus
2 eetlepels suiker *bereid twee pannen
*vegetariërs kunnen de kipfilet weglaten

1. Snij de kipfilet en de lente-uitjes

2. Doe de bouilloningrediënten in een pan en breng het aan de kook gedurende een paar minuten, hou het daarna op een kookplaatje warm

3. Breng een ruime hoeveelheid water aan de kook in een andere pan en kook de droge udon noodles gedurende 10 minuten

4. Spoel de udon noodles af met koud water (10 second !. Niet lang tijden doen!) en maak eventuele kleverige slierten met de hand los tijdens het spoelen , laat de noodles daarna in een vergiet uitlekken

5. Verdeel de udon noodles over de verschillende kommen, gooi er wat gesneden lente-uitjes en stukjes kipfilet overheen 6. Breng de bouillon opnieuw bijna aan de kook en giet deze over de udon noodles in de kom.

Eet smakelijk!
Udon is a Japanese noodle, like pasta. most popular style is noodle-soup type.
With spring onion is popular for the topping.This is the recipe of Japanese noodle soup with chicken.
Chicken Udon (Japanese Udon noodle with chicken)
-Ingredients: (2 to 4 people)
---1 pack of Dried Udon noodle
---1 Chicken breast, or turkey breast (If you are vegetarian, you don’t have to add)
---4 to 8 spring onions
-Soup (broth):
---1600cc of hot water
---3 packs of Japanese Dashi (Japanese soup stock powder)
---100cc of Japanese Soya source
---2-table spoon of sugar

1. Cut chickens and spring onions
2. Combine broth ingredients in a pot, bring to a boil with high heat, add chicken and boil it in the broth. Keeping broth warm by low heat when it has done

3. Boil a generous amount of water in another pot, and boil dried Udon noodle for 10 minutes
4. When done 3, rinse with cold water, running the noodles with one hand to get rid off the stickiness quickly. (10 second enough. don’t rinse it for long time)Drain in a sieve.

5. Transfer Udon noodle in to bowls, sprinkle spring onions and put Chickens on.

6. Make broth hot again until boiling, and pour broth over on the Udon noodle in the bowl.

See the picture bellow.



Sea foods and Mushroom rice

The dinner on yesterday, I cookedMushroom ricewe often eat mushroom rice in autumn.
Shellfish Miso soup
Shellfish with butter Soya source
Dutch seaweed salad
I love shellfish and Mushrooms
Both Mushrooms and shellfish, I got in the market in Utrecht.But arranged by Japanese style.



My Japanese cooking for my guest

We had a guest on last weekend. I cooked Japanese dinner.
Our guest Mr. Mike Kok, he is a pioneer of Manga artist in the Netherlands.
I really appreciate his visit, and we enjoyed both dinner and talking very much.

Paprika with sesame Miso sauce.

Chicken with Ume-Shiso role

beef sashimi with rose shape,

Yep, I am sure My Japanese foods are better than strange Japanese restaurants!



Nameko-Jiru (Nameko Miso soup)

Nameko is one of a Japanese mushroom.
But we can get this in Holland in autumn.
Taste and quality is same with Japan.
I like to make Nameko Jiru (Nameko Miso soup) and Nameko with Soya source butter.


Hiyashi Chuka (Japanese cold Ramen)

Hiyashi Chuka is kind of Japanese style cold Ramen.
One of a typical Japanese summer food.
Boil Ramen noodle, and rinse with water to keep cold.
Put vegetables, egg, Ham, Surimi, Aonori, and Beni Shoga(Japanese ginger pickles)
Served with cold soup.
The contents of soup; Soya source, vinegar, sesame oil, chicken soup, and sesame.



Dutch pancake

All we love Dutch pancake.
I went a Pancake restaurant in Bunik, Utrecht with my friend.

I ordered Feest Pancake. means festival pancake.
I was expecting how interesting pancake I will have.

The Feest pancake had come.

Festival balloon on the Pancake....
Anyway, this restaurant use ECO products for ingredients.


Japanese Shiso pasta

Shiso is also good conbination with pasta.
- pasta - AH flesh pasta
- Shiso - from my small garden
- Itarian Ham
- egg plant
- garic



Shiso (Japanese basil) Somen

Shiso with Somen.
Shiso is kind of a Japanese Basil.

I am growing this by myself.

First photo is Shio Somen. Soup is Japanese Udon soup.
Somen is one of a noodle in Japan or Taiwan.


Yakisoba with egg

Yakisoba with a fried egg also nice.
Beni Shoga is my homemade.


Yakisoba (Japanese fried noodle)

Home made Yakisoba(Japanese fried noodle, Japans Bami).
Typical Japanese beloved food.
Fllowing is the Contents to make in the Netherlands;
Noodle - AH wok ramen noodle
Sauce - Japanese Worcester sauce. get in Toko
Cabbage - Ah
Pork - AH
Beni Shoga (Japanese shredded pickled ginger) - Toko
Aonori (seaweed powder) - Toko


mackerel tartar

mackerel tartar in the fish restaurant in Utrecht.


Japanese curry (Karee raisu)

Japanese curry is actually a localized Japanese food.
It is quite popular in Japan, and taste different from Indian curry.
We use Japanese rice.

About curry souse, we use Japanese curry base(Karee Ruu).
In Utrecht we can get Japanese curry base in Toko Central. (SB curry base)

Basic ingredients are
- meat or sea foods
- Onion
- Garlic
- Ginger

Japanese mothers make JP curry by their own styles.
Some people put Soya souse, or Sake in the curry source.

I often put,
- Maggie soup base
- Sake or wine
- Soya souse
- Tomato
- Japanese brown souse

Additional topping
- Egg
- sausage
- some vegetables
- some kind of pickles


Sushi cake

Using cake form, but put Sushi rice.
Decorate with eggs, salmon and vegetables.

Kyaraben (character bento) workshop

Kyaraben, a shortened form of character bento, is a very popular bento style in Japan which features food decorated to look like Anime or Kawaii characters. At the workshop you learn how to make authentic Kyaraben and the result you can take home. More info http://tokyodoll.web.fc2.com/workshop/bentoworkshop.html